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UVC Sterilization Machine

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UVC Conveyour Sterilization Machine is mainy used for Mask sterilization,food package disinfection, , drinks package sterilization, cosmetics package sterilization, milk industry and so on.

Equipment full length
Working area
Feeding area
Discharging operation area
Entrance Height
Conveyor belt from the ground
2000 mm
Max 200MM, can adjust
750 + 20 mm

1. Use high-efficiency, high-intensity and ultra-long-life UV-C low-pressure ultraviolet sterilization lamps, with a lamp life of
more than 8000-10000 hours.
2. Use high-transmittance, high-purity quartz sleeves, UV transmittance is above 96%
3. Ultraviolet rays refer to solar rays with a wavelength between 200nm and 380nm, including three types: UV-A wavelength is 315nm
to 380nm, UV-B wavelength is 280nm to 315nm, and UV-C wavelength is 200nm to 280nm. Of the solar rays (290nm-2000nm) reaching the
4arth's surface, about 13% of the ultraviolet rays are UV-A, 97%, UV-B, and 3%, and UV-C is close to zero. Only UV-A and UV-B are
harmful to human skin. UV-C lamps made by a special process for disinfection.
5. Among them, UV-C ultraviolet rays are the most effective ones. UV rays around 253.7nm are the best. Ultraviolet rays can kill a
variety of microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsials, and mycoplasma,
etc., which has a broad spectrum. Its sterilization principle is to irradiate microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses with
ultraviolet rays to destroy the structure of DNA (DNA) in the body, causing it to die or lose its ability to reproduce
6. Can be used to sterilize various dry foods, such as: tableware, disposable tableware, masks, paper, red dates, sweet herbs;
bottles; and other products for surface sterilization. Widely used in hospitals, food, disinfection cabinets, water treatment
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