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Spin Flash dryer

Capacity: 10-2000 kg/h

Application: wet potato starch, cassava starch, sweet potato starch, wheat starch and other starch and modified starch

Industry: chemical,pharmaceutical,food,dehydrated vegetables,grain,mining,etc

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Spin Flash Dryers are the most suited for drying wet cake such as paste or sludge. Spin flash dryers are pneumatic dryers used for drying powdered products such as starches, fibres, and certain proteins (e.g. potato protein). The flash dryer can evaporate large quantities of moisture in a single unit. The starch flash dryer is used for drying the wet potato starch, cassava starch, sweet potato starch, wheat starch and other starch and modified starch after the dehydration. The starch flash dryer also can be used to continuously dry other granular thermo-sensitive materials.

Spin flash Dryer Working Principle

Driven by the agitator to form a powerful rotating wind field. Paste material enters the dryer from the screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating stirring blade, the material is dispersed under the action of impact, friction and shearing force. The block material is quickly crushed, fully contacted with hot air, and heated, dry.

Barrel diameter (mm)

Treatment wind
capacity (m3/h)

Water evaporation
quantity (kg/h)
capacity (kw)
Main machine
dimensions (m)
occupied area (m2)
XSG-2 200 300-800 10-20 5-9 250x2800 3500x2500
XSG-3 300 600-1500 20-50 8-15 400x3300 3800x2700
XSG-4 400 1250-2500 25-70 10-17.5 500x3500 4000x3000
XSG-5 500 1500-4000 30-100 12-24 600x4000 4200x3200
XSG-6 600 2500-5000 40-200 20-29 700x4200 4250x3250
XSG-8 800 3000-8000 60-600 24-35 900x4600 4500x3500
XSG-10 1000 5000-12500 100-1000 40-62 1100x5000 4750x3750
XSG-12 1200 10000-20000 150-1300 50-89 1300x5200 5000x4000
XSG-14 1400 14000-27000 200-1600 60-105 1500x5400 5250x4250
XSG-16 1600 18700-36000 250-2000 70-105 1700x6000 5500x4500
Note: 1.The evaporated amout of moisture is calculated when the temperature of inlet is 180℃ and the temperature of outlet is 80℃. 2.Beside the models above
mentioned,specification can be made as request. 3.Occupied area will be different bacause of different enviroment.

This equipment is customized, more options please contact us.
1. Ease of cleaning
The spin flash dryer has been designed and built to make cleaning operations fast and efficient.
2. high speed of drying
In the hot-air flow,95%-98% of water can be evaporated at a moment
3. high quality final products assurance
Final products output own characteristics of good uniformity, mobility, dissolving capacity, high purity and good quality.
4. Simple operation and control
Most liquid materials can be dried into the powder or particle products once a time. After the drying, there is no need for smashing and sorting, so as to reduce the operation procedures in the production and to enhance the product purity.

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