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Drum Flaker Machine

Capacity:40-630 L/h

Application: yeast, fish feed, sweet potato

Industry: for drying liquid raw material or sticky material in chemical industry, dyestuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, and metallurgy industry and so on.

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A drum flaker machine, also known as a drum flaker or drum flaking machine, is a specific type of industrial equipment used for solid material processing. It is designed to convert liquid or semi-liquid materials into solid flakes through a continuous flaking process.

The basic design of a drum flaker machine involves a large, rotating drum with a heated surface. The drum is usually made of stainless steel or another heat-resistant material. The material to be flaked is pumped onto the heated drum in a thin layer. As the drum rotates, the material adheres to the hot surface and solidifies into flakes due to the heat transfer.

The formation of flakes depends on the material's properties and its behavior under heat. Some materials solidify into flakes naturally as they cool on the drum's surface, while others might require the addition of cooling water or a chilling medium to aid the flaking process.

Drum flaker machines are commonly used in various industries for different applications, including:

Chemical industry: To convert liquid chemical products into solid flakes for easier handling, storage, and transportation.
Pharmaceutical industry: For producing flakes from various pharmaceutical substances and intermediates.
Food industry: To create flakes from food products like fats, oils, and viscous materials used in food processing.
Petrochemical industry: For flaking waxes and other petrochemical products.

Item Model Cylider Size(mm) Effective Heating Area (m²) Drying cacity kg.water/m².h Steam Consumption kg/h Power (kw) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
GRT-600 600*800 1.12 40-70 100-175 2.2 1700*800*1500 850
GRT-700 700*1000 1.65 60-90 150-225 3 2100*1000*1800 1210
GRT-800 800*1200 2.26 90-130 225-325 4 2500*1100*1980 1700
GRT-1000 1000*1400 3.3 130-190 325-475 5.5 2700*1300*2250 2100
GRT-1200 1200*1500 4.24 160-250 400-625 7.5 2800*1500*2450 2650
GRT-1400 1400*1600 5.28 210-310 525-775 11 3150*1700*2800 3200
GRT-1600 1600*1800 6.79 270-400 675-1000 11 3350*1900*3150 4350
GRT-1800 1800*2000 8.48 330-500 800-1200 15 3600*2050*3500 5100
GRT-1800A 1800*2500 10.6 420-630 1050-1575 18.5 4100*2050*3500 6150
This equipment is customized, more options please contact us.

The advantages of using a drum flaker machine include its continuous operation, efficient heat transfer, and consistent production of uniform flakes. The machine's design allows for easy scalability to meet different production requirements.

It is essential to choose the right type of drum flaker machine suitable for the specific material and application. Proper maintenance and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial to ensure optimal performance and prolong the machine's lifespan.

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